14 and 15 February OACI Montreal

Building a new air
mobility era

Discover the results of these two days of exciting aerospace innovation projects.

RDV Forum 2023, the place where the international aerospace ecosystem

The 12th edition of the CRIAQ’s RDV Forum will be the place where the international aerospace ecosystem meets to discuss the challenges and solutions for accelerating the transition to resilient and sustainable mobility.

Participate in these two days dedicated to the ideation of projects for the air mobility of tomorrow. During the RDV Forum, we will discuss together the necessary trajectories towards sustainable aerospace, resilient future air mobility and integrated, safe and efficient digital aviation systems.

In the face of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, the RDV Forum is the place to create and sustain interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation to accelerate socially driven developments of new air mobility products and services and to ensure their societal acceptance by authorities and communities.

In the spotlight

Join us with key aerospace actors

At this point in aviation history, the RDV Forum is the ideal opportunity to create, stimulate and support new innovations through new approaches to ideation, technology demonstration and product certification, to facilitate their safe integration into the marketplace.

Aerospace industry leaders and researchers affiliated with universities and research centers will gather to submit project ideas to encourage the development of collaborative projects.

As a major collaborative R&D event in aerospace, the RDV Forum will be an opportunity to meet your future partners and to bring out structuring projects that will change the future of air mobility.

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62 innovative project ideas!

Project ideas in R&D presented at the RDV Forum 2023.

The project ideas that were presented at the RDV Forum are on the CRIAQ website!

You can see their description and express your interest in joining a project team by using the online form and by describing your added expertise.

We invite you to go quickly and indicate your interest in being part of a collaborative research project. A project portfolio manager will then contact you.

Please note that the deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent for a project for funding is September 13, 2023.

Check out the project ideas here :

Project idea themes

Thank you to our partners

Annonce des conférenciers vedettes

Le programme préliminaire du RDV Forum 2023 est maintenant disponible !

Les experts de l’industrie stimuleront les discussions avec vous sur les trajectoires technologiques pour répondre aux enjeux de notre écosystème. Découvrez la vision et les prospectives des leaders de l’industrie :

  • Benoit Breault, Directeur, recherche et technologie, Bombardier
  • François Gagnon, Directeur général, ETS
  • Jean Thomassin, Directeur exécutif, Nouveaux produits et services, Pratt & Whitney
  • Juan Carlos Salazar, Secrétaire général, OACI
  • Michel Dion, Chef principal, Innovation, Bell Textron
  • Phillipe Couillard, Vice-président, ingénierie globale, CAE
  • Des dizaines d’autres experts ont confirmé leur présence.

Voyez le programme en détails.

What's new for RDV Forum 2023

CRIAQ is pleased to add the Showcase Impacts to the RDV Forum 2023 program.

This showcase will highlight students, professors, researchers, and industry specialists by allowing them to present their research work or projects funded by CRIAQ in an event where the international aerospace ecosystem converges. 

In addition, those whose projects are selected will receive a free ticket to the 12th edition of this unmissable event. 

Are you a master or doctoral student?

Speak in front of the greatest leaders in the aerospace industry as part of the Vitrine impacts “My Aero Thesis in 180 seconds” contest. 

You could win one of three scholarships offered by CRIAQ, totaling $2,250! 

Are you conducting a research project in a CRIAQ team? 

The “Impacts of CRIAQ projects” section is dedicated to you! Present and share the results of your research work in the context of a CRIAQ-funded project, in front of experts and aerospace industry enthusiasts. 

You have until 5:00 pm on January 9, 2023 to submit your application. 

For more information on the eligibility criteria and the selection process, visit the ” Showcase Impacts ” page.

Soumettez vos idées de projet

Nous vous avons entendus et nous allongeons la période pour soumettre vos idées de projet pour le RDV Forum 2023.

Vous et vos équipes avez jusqu’au MERCREDI 14 DÉCEMBRE 23 h 59 au plus tard pour nous faire parvenir vos idées de projet.

Présentez votre idée de projet pour de la recherche précompétitive aussi bien que compétitive dont les avancées technologiques permettront à votre organisation d’être plus innovante et de se positionner comme chef de file de la mobilité aérienne durable du futur.

Programme de projet régulier pour le RDV Forum 2023 :

Les projets du CRIAQ doivent être de nature collaborative, avec un minimum de deux partenaires (1 industriel et 1 organisation de recherche publique ou 2 industriels). Les partenaires des projets du CRIAQ partagent les coûts, les risques et les résultats des projets de recherche dans lesquels ils prennent part. Le rôle du CRIAQ est d’offrir soutien stratégique, financier et administratif à ses membres dans la réalisation de ces projets.

Veuillez noter que seules les entreprises (donneur d’ordres, Tier-1 et PME) membres et non membres peuvent présenter une idée de projet.

Découvrez toutes les informations, les étapes et l’échéancier complets ici 

Programme d’ appel à idées de projets pour les technologies des Systèmes d’Aéronefs Télépilotés (SATP) en collaboration avec le Conseil national de recherches du Canada (CNRC) et Transports Canada (TC) :

 Ce programme vise à identifier des idées technologiques innovantes et à recueillir des données scientifiques qui appuieront l’élaboration de règlements, de méthodes d’essai et de méthodes de certification de la conformité qui permettront l’exploitation sécuritaire des SATP (aussi appelés UAV ou drones) au Canada. Les projets doivent porter sur le thème de l’appel : Technologies habilitantes pour le BVLOS et doivent être soumises par un partenaire industriel.

Découvrez toutes les informations, les étapes et l’échéancier complet ici :

Espace étudiants

With more than 2,200 students already involved in CRIAQ projects, the Consortium believes in the potential and talent of today’s next generation of students, who are essential to the air mobility of the future. 

That’s why the RDV Forum wants you to participate in an event that brings together the biggest names in the aerospace industry in Canada – and beyond! 

Network and discuss with people directly involved in aerospace R&D and innovation projects that span diverse engineering practices, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and the various related sectors critical to developing solutions for sustainable and resilient air mobility.

Expand your network within the industry and open doors to find an internship among a wide variety of innovative companies and research centers.

To see all the benefits that RDV Forum 2023 can bring to you, consult the page “Students: why participate in RDV Forum 2023”.

Are you a master’s or doctoral student working on a project funded by CRIAQ? 

The Consortium would like to encourage your efforts with the “My Aero thesis in 180 seconds” contest. These lightning presentations (180 seconds!) of your research are not only an opportunity to share your research with the aerospace ecosystem, but also to win one of three scholarships: 

  • First Prize – $1,000
  • Second Prize – $750
  • Third Prize – $500 

In fact, those whose projects are selected will get a free ticket to this major collaborative R&D event. 

You have until 5 p.m. on January 9, 2023 to submit your application. 

Visit the “Impacts Showcase” page to get all the information about the Impacts Showcase and your registration. 

Announcing featured speakers

The preliminary program of the #RDVForum is now available!

Industry experts will stimulate discussions with you on technological trajectories to meet the challenges of our ecosystem. Discover the vision and outlook of industry leaders:

  • Benoit Breault, Director, Research and Technology, Bombardier
  • François Gagnon, General Manager, ETS
  • Jean Thomassin, Executive Director, New Products and Services, Pratt & Whitney
  • Juan Carlos Salazar, Secretary General, OACI
  • Michel Dion, Senior Manager, Innovation, Bell Textron
  • Phillipe Couillard, Vice President, Global Engineering, CAE
  • Dozens of other experts have confirmed their presence.

See the program in detail.