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About CRIAQ's RDV Forum 2023

What is the CRIAQ RDV Forum?

The RDV Forum is CRIAQ’s biennial event that brings together aerospace industry leaders, researchers, universities and research centers, and government officials. It is a major collaborative aerospace R&D event where you will have the opportunity to meet future collaborators, with whom you can create CRIAQ-funded projects.  

When will the RDV Forum 2023 take place?

The CRIAQ RDV Forum will take place February 14 and 15, 2023.  

Will the event be held online?

No, the RDV Forum will take place entirely in person.  

Will the event be recorded?


Who can register for the RDV Forum 2023?

The RDV Forum 2023 is open to the public.  There are different tickets prices offered: CRIAQ members, standard, and students.   

Will wearing a mask be mandatory on the event site?

The RDV Forum will respect governmental guidelines and standards.  

Is the building accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes. If you have special needs, please contact us:  evenement@criaq.aero  


How do I register?

You can register for our RDV Forum by visiting our registration page. Registration must be paid by credit card via our website. All payments are processed securely.  

It is also possible to register and purchase tickets on site, on February 14 and 15, 2023. 

How much do the tickets cost for the RDV Forum?

  • For students: 50$. 
  • For CRIAQ members “early bird” (“early bird” rate ends December 18, 2022): 195$ 
  • for standard CRIAQ members: 295$ 
  • for standard tickets for non-members during the “early bird” period (“early bird” rate ends December 18, 2022): 395$ 
  • for standard non-members: 565$ 

Prices do not include taxes.   

I have a promotional code, how does it work?

Once you have selected your ticket, there is a box at the bottom of your screen where you can type in your code. The discount will be applied at checkout before your payment. 

Help, my promotional code doesn't work!

Please contact us at evenement@criaq.aero if you have a problem with your promo code.   

Is there a deadline to register to the RDV Forum 2023?

There is no deadline to register for the RDV Forum 2023. You can register at any time. 

To take advantage of the “early bird” offer, the registration deadline is December 18, 2023.  

For all other tickets, the online purchase ends on February 7, 2023.  However, on-site registration will be available on the same day (February 14 and 15).  

I purchased a ticket, but I am no longer available to attend the event. Can I get a refund?

Tickets are non-refundable. For any questions, please contact evenement@criaq.aero 

About the program and sessions

Where can I find the RDV Forum 2023 program?

The RDV Forum program is available here, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.  

What is the ANGAGE mobile application for the RDV Forum 2023 and how does it work?

The ANGAGE mobile application is an essential tool that will guide you throughout the RDV Forum 2023. It is therefore necessary to download it on your smartphone and create your profile before the event.  

You will find all the essential information for the two-day event, and it will allow you to:  

  • Network by having access to the names of all the participants of the RDV Forum 2023 
  • Book meetings with other participants 
  • Find locations of exhibitor booths 
  • Express your interest in the project ideas that will be presented (voting)updates, the two-day program, as well as the location of the presenter’s booths. 

For more information on the voting process, see the FAQ section “How to express interest and vote for projects”.  

You will be able to connect to the event site’s Wi-Fi network to browse the application.  

How do I download the RDV Forum 2023 ANGAGE application? 

On February 6, 2023, one week before the event, participants will receive an email asking them to create a profile on the mobile application. This profile will contain all the download and login information.  

Participants will also be able to choose the language in which the application will be configured (French or English).  

ANGAGE will be available on the Apple Store (iOS) as well as on the Play Store (Android).   


Are there any partnership opportunities?

Certainly! Check out our sponsorship plan to learn more about our different partnership opportunities.   

Why should I partner with the RDV Forum 2023?

This event brings together approximately 500 industry leaders from Canada and around the world, and positions you as a key player in the start-up of CRIAQ projects, and sustainable and resilient air mobility.  


Project ideas

How do I submit my project idea?

Please visit the “Project Ideas” section of our website to access all the information on what a project idea is and how to submit it.  

Why should I submit my project idea early?

After 11 editions of the RDV Forum, the CRIAQ team has retained the best practices for organizing an international event while managing its current activities outside the RDV Forum. Project ideas received earlier will allow us to continue to always offer you rigor and availability for your daily innovation needs. 

How will project ideation take place during the event?

Each presenter will give a 2-minute presentation in the auditorium during the “Project Presentations Sessions” on February 14 and 15, 2023. At 12:00 pm each day, the exhibition area will open. You will be able to meet the presenters and get more information about their projects.  

Please note that the project ideas presented will not be the same on both days. To discover all of them, you will have to be present each day of the event.  

If you are interested in a project, you can express your interest via the event’s mobile application. It will not be possible to vote remotely, and the presentations will not be broadcasted online.  

How can I express my interest and vote for the projects presented?  

If you are interested in a project, you can express your interest via the event’s mobile application, ANGAGE. It will not be possible to vote remotely, and the presentations will not be broadcasted online. See “What is the purpose of the RDV Forum 2023 ANGAGE mobile application and how does it work?” for more information on how this essential tool works.  

Please note that the project ideas presented will not be the same on February 14 and 15. To be able to see all of them, you will need to be present on both days of the event.  

Are there any rules to follow to establish the financial scenario of the project?

Yes, but it is not required for a project idea to be submitted to the RDV Forum for a concrete project (beyond the idea stage). To move from the idea stage to a CRIAQ-funded project application, you will have to submit a letter of intent and a CRIAQ portfolio manager will accompany you to establish the scenario in relation to the theme of your project.  

Can a project idea that does not focus on one of the 3 themes be selected?

This depends on the number of ideas received and the interpretation of the themes. We advise you to submit your idea in any case.  The CRIAQ team will analyse the project ideas received.  

Can a university submit a project idea?

No, a university cannot submit a project idea. The project must be presented by an industrial partner.   

I am presenting an idea, do I have to pay for my registration?

Yes, you must purchase your ticket before registering your presentation. All presenters at the booth must purchase a ticket for the RDV Forum.  

How many projects can be presented at the RDV Forum 2023 and how much funding is available?

We are aiming for a maximum of 50 projects to be presented at the RDV Forum 2023. CRIAQ has an average of 30 projects per year. There is no dedicated envelope for projects. We will publish the calls for projects during the year depending on the envelopes available or the schedule of our regular programs. 

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If you have additional questions regarding the RDV Forum 2023, please email us at evenement@criaq.aero.